DoorHaving an energy-efficient house is good not only to the environment, but also your wallet. When battling the elements to keep your home cool and fresh or warm and cozy, mobile parts such as doors and windows are key components.

Mayfair Windows

Since they are the elements that allow us access to the outside, doors and windows require special attention when trying to avoid unnecessary costs. The panes might look shut, but warm or cold air could be leaking through invisible spaces between the walls and the frame.

Along with proper insulation, roof and siding in good condition, well maintained and properly installed wood or vinyl windows are crucial to keep your home in the desired temperature without increasing your monthly costs.

Before heading into the next cold weather season, be sure to check your house for any leaks around windows and doorframes and make the necessary repairs.

Not only great allies against rising energy bills, new doors and windows also add immense value and renovated style to your home.