When renovating your home, you might be presented with two affordable alternatives to wood and brick house sidings: aluminium and vinyl have been the top choices among homeowners who are looking for good performance and durability at a reasonable price. But which option is best for your project?

Aluminium has been a popular choice material for siding projects long before vinyl was introduced to the market. Sturdy and more resistant than its synthetic counterpart, aluminium can also be easily painted, giving owners the versatility to change the overall look of their house. On the downside, the paint job can chip and fade, requiring more maintenance. If you live in an area exposed to severe weather and strong winds, you might want to consider vinyl, since aluminium dents easily.

Vinyl siding is known to be more affordAluminiumable than aluminium, but prices vary according to the thickness of the chosen panels. It also offers better insulation against temperature variations, is very durable and more resistant against bumps and scratches. Since you can’t paint over vinyl siding, this option comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. But once you chose a style, that’s how your home will look like until the siding is replaced – vinyl won’t fade or chip, although the material might crack or melt if exposed to extreme heat.

Both options are guaranteed to give your house a fresh and renewed look, protect your family from the elements and help you save money on energy bills. Be sure to consult with one of our specialists about the best alternative on house siding.