When thinking about the importance of a well-maintained roof in a house, the first thing that comes to mind is the protection against the sun, wind, rain and snow. But did you know that the structure above your head is also a great ally when trying to cut down costs?

Roofing1Other than preventing water from leaking into your home, a roof in good condition can also stop money from leaking out of your wallet by reducing your monthly utility bills. Proper insulation on doors, windows and good house siding are extremely important to reduce unwanted temperature variation, but the roof is perhaps the most vital element of all.

You probably remember from science classes in school that the hot air is lighter and has a natural tendency of rising to the atmosphere, while the heavier cold air descends towards the ground. This invisible dynamic happens all the time, and it’s up to the roof to reduce the impacts of this natural principle inside your home.

Think of it this way: during the cold days of winter, when temperatures can drop to the teens in the American northeast, especially in New Jersey, the warm air generated by the heat system installed in your house has a natural tendency of rising. Because of this principle, it is through the roof that all the money spent in heating will try to escape.

Roofing2The same happens during the summer, when the warm outside air tries to penetrate from above as the inside air is cooled down by your AC unit and moves to the lower parts of your house. This way, the roof must be a solid shield to withstand this constant battle between the comfortable air inside your home and the outside conditions.

In order to save money and use energy in a more efficient way, you must pay attention to the general condition of your house’s roof and all its insulation components. Periodical maintenance is your best friend to keep your heating and electric bills from literally “going through the roof”.